What If Adults Behaved Like Kids?....

What If Adults Behaved Like Kids?....

Last week, I had the rare treat of going out for a delicious fry-up at a local café. My husband and I were WITHOUT kids, so I was more excited than usual at the prospect of devouring a massive HOT plate of fried greasy meat and carbs, without having a 5 year old ruin it by announcing that he needs a poo the moment the food arrives at the table. 

I asked for the standard ' Ultimate Champion Breakfast', with toast on the side- and a cup of fine English tea. I was excited...I won't lie.

When the plate arrived,  I saw bacon (nice!) eggs ( Yes!!) and massive sausage (always impressive!!) and Baked Beans ON the toast-NOT on the side as I specifically asked for (GAG!). I have a very sensitive gag reflex as it happens and bean-drenched soggy bread really makes me what to chunder. It's unacceptable to me and I was disappointed. The meal was ruined. Ruined I tell you!!

I pondered how my 3 year old child would have reacted to the situation. If he had received this plate of food, he would have yelled 'YUCK!!!' before pushing the plate out of the way aggressively, perhaps even onto the floor, and demanding a new piece of dry toast. An overboard reaction, yes,  but I am certain that he would have received a positive outcome and a fresh piece of dried toast would have been served up to 'Keep the peace'.

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