6 Reasons Why I WANT To Go To Prison!

6 Reasons Why I WANT To Go To Prison!

Every other evening at approximately 7.10pm, my neighbour stands by her window with one eye peering through her heavy velvet curtains. Her phone is in her hand. She has pressed 999 and her thumb hovers over the green 'call' button. But she hesitates. She just isn't sure.

The hysterical screaming always starts at 7.10pm or shortly after. It pierces through the air causing violent vibrations which shake her double- glazed windows and make her velvet curtains ripple. More disturbing is that the fact that it interrupts her daily dose of 'The One Show' and she is forced to hit the record button and watch it after the hysteria disperses.

'Stop Mummy! Sttoooopppppp....my eyes! My EYES!!!!!!!!!'

'Whatever is going on in there', she wonders. 'What is that woman doing to them??!'.

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