Letting it go.

I have a new mantra. It's an amazing one too. It's courtesy of Mr Walt Disney and I believe it may change my outlook on life forever.


Three very simple but very profound little words that have really helped me out this week.

This is how:

1. My boy starts school next week and I am absolutely HEARTBROKEN . On Monday morning, he will put on his elasticated waist grey trousers and his tiny pink tie and head off into the outside world without me by his side to protect him.

Naturally, I have imagined all kinds of scenarios, all totally rational of course....like, what if he won't sit still on a chair? What if he won't eat the school lunches? What if he gets teased?

What if he falls in with the wrong crowd, fails his GCSE's, drops out, joins a gang, shoots up heroin and ends up in prison with a facial tattoo and a cell mate called Big Al??


Then, I thought... Hold on, calm down. He is only 4.

I just have to LET IT GO.

He will be fine. He is going off to A Whole New World. It's the way it is, he is growing up. It's just part of the Circle Of Life.

Deal with it.

Besides, he probably won't get a facial tattoo....and maybe his prison cell mate will be a nice Christian fella from the Cotswolds whose only crime was robbing to give to the poor. I needn't be so negative.

I LET IT GO...and I felt great!


2. I went shopping to buy some smart clothes for my new job. I wandered the aisles of M&S for ages gathering armfuls of dark baggy clothing and gypsy tops to conceal my rolls of flesh. Then, I looked up at the giant posters of the gorgeous models wearing their sleek black suits and stilettos and thought:

I wanna be like you (oo, oo). I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too (oo-ooh)

So I tossed my dowdy clothes to one side and headed off to the changing rooms with pencil skirts, chiffon blouses and pointed toe stilettos in an effort to be a better woman. 

The view from the mirror wasn't pretty. I didn't look like those women in the posters. I'm not a model...I am a women who likes pies and wine dammit!! I don't want to spend my working days in agony with restricted breathing from taut clothing and burning balls from wearing shoes that are too high!

I just thought:

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it in anymore,

Let it go, let it, go,

Turn away and eat some more,

I don't care what they're going to say,

Let the wine flow on,

My gut never bothered me anyway!

So, I bought some elasticated waist black trousers, some flat ballet pumps, a long black cardigan and a nice multipack of cotton FULL briefs...not thongs. Not ever.


Thanks Walt. You're up there with the Dalai Lama in my book.